Served at the Coolest Parties

Add to the list of our fans:  Occasions, the elite Washington, DC caterer.   Occasions, served Black Rooster Rye to 750 Washingtonians celebrating the opening of American University’s Russian Film Festival at the magnificent Library of Congress.


Smoked salmon topping a slice of Black Rooster Rye.  A few capers.  Some sour cream.  A tiny shot of ice cold vodka.  Could any tidbit be more delicious or more festive?


Now Occasions has become our steady customer.  How happy it makes us knowing that Black Rooster Rye will be served this holiday seasons at the coolest parties in our nation’s capital.  How lovely that you too can serve the very best.


And thinking of holiday treats.  What about Black Rooster Rye with Oysters?  Rye is the bread the French serve with those briny little devils.  Along with a very dry white wine.


Hmmmm.  Darkness is falling early.  Here in Washington, DC we are moving towards winter coat weather.  In New York, where we have so many friends and customers, winter wools have moved to the front of the closet.   As nature moves towards its dormant phase, it’s time dear friends to think of, what?.  Not darkness.  Not cold.  But their antidote.    Joyful occasions that will launch us into a new year.   Joyful occasions that shout out for Black Rooster Rye and its sister product that we will be telling you about in the coming days.


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Ahhhhhh The Lovely Fruit & Nut

How good is our Baltic Rye with Fruit & Nuts?


Well, let’s just say that one of our foodie friends –a woman of tremendous discernment–is giving loafs  of Baltic Rye with Fruit and Nuts as Holiday Gifts to dozens  of her favorite people.


Our Baltic Rye Fruit & Nut tastes like cake, only less sweet and more satisfying.  As with our plain rye, when you eat a slice you feel full and happy.  And no wonder.  This bread contains rye flour, rye malt, apricots, plums, hazelnuts, raisins, and honey, plus a touch of sugar and a pinch salt.  Nothing else.  No chemicals.  No icky corn sweeteners.  No preservatives.  Nothing that (as Michael Pollan would say) your grandmother wouldn’t have put in her holiday bread.  Enjoying Baltic Rye with Fruit and Nuts nourishes every part of you: tummy, heart and soul.


This perfect product is currently available on our website and at Zabars at 80th and Broadway and at Fairway at 74th and Broadway.


Dying for a free sample?  Stop by Zabars on Sunday, November 20th between 9AM and 1PM and Black Rooster Founder John Melngailis will personally hand you a piece.

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Consider the Herring

Of all the foods that Black Rooster Baltic Rye partners well with, none outshines the lowly herring.  Or perhaps I should say the formerly lowly herring.  Fact is,  this multifarious cured fish from northern European waters is staging a comeback.  And no wonder!  Herring is one of those foods traditional that resonate with memory.  Moreover, herring is yummy, low in calories and full of those healthful omega 3′s.


On Thanksgiving, John and I wowed our guests during the cocktail hour serving tiny shots of iced cold vodka followed by tidbits of  Baltic Rye, topped with different styles of herring and sour cream.  You would have thought we were serving caviar!  That’s how enthusiastic our guests were about herring’s comeback.


We  bought our herring from two of our favorite New York City temples of gastronomy:  Russ & Daughters, (179 East Houston Street) and Zabars (Broadway and 80th.)  Both of these stores feature many different kinds of smoked and cured fish, along with our Baltic Rye.


If you’d like to learn more about herring, take a look at this article by Kate Robbins that appeared in Tablet, the online magazine:


And if you’d like to learn more about Baltic Rye, you will be able to stop and talk with  John during the second week of December.  We will post his itinerary at a later date.

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