We don't see food as medicine... but...

by John Melngailis

"...Good compliance with consuming a relatively large amount of rye bread in the usual diet indicates that rye bread offers a practical dietary means of reducing serum cholesterol in men" (Katri S. Leinonen, Kaisa S. Poutanen, and Hannu M. Mykkanen Rye Bread Decreases Serum Total and LDL Cholesterol in Men with Moderately Elevated Serum Cholesterol Journal of Nutrition (2000) Vol. 130: 164-170)

"Whole-meal rye bread...shortened mean intestinal transit time compared with wheat bread in both women and men" (Soile M. Grsten3, Katri S. Juntunen, Kaisa S. Poutanen*, Helena K. Gylling , Tatu A. Miettinen and Hannu M. Mykkanen Journal of Nutrition. 2000;130:2215-2221 Rye Bread Improves Bowel Function and Decreases the Concentrations of Some Compounds That Are Putative Colon Cancer Risk Markers in Middle- Aged Women and Men)