We Love Red Rooster and Red Rooster Loves Us

by John Melngailis

We love Red Rooster, chef/entrepreneur Marcus Samuelsson’s cooler-than-cool, yummier-than-yummy American hotspot on 125th Street in Harlem.  We love this joint because the food is so damn good: who could resist that mac and cheese and those sweet potato doughnuts? The place is so accessible: restaurant prices that won’t break the bank. And the ambiance, so cool and classy, recalls all those swells from the 40s and 50s. Duke Ellington. Billy Strayhorn. And that other peerless Billy: Billy Holiday. And if those aren’t the most gorgeous serving people in a city full of drop dead gorgeous serving people, well call me blind.

We also have a personal reason for loving Red Rooster. We love Red Rooster because Red Rooster loves us. Ethiopian/Swedish chef/owner Marcus Samuelsson and Executive Chef Andrea Berquist both have roots in Scandinavia and they know about rye bread. When they tasted our 100 percent sour dough rye, they  had just one thing to say: How can we order this fabulous bread? Chef Berquist currently services our yummy Baltic rye with Red Rooster’s gravlax platter. But this talented young chef is nothing if not inventive and she has a few other ideas for using our bread up her sleeve. As they develop we’ll keep you posted.

Are we proud? You bet we are. We hope you’ll stop by Red Rooster and sample our bread and all the other wonderful items on the menu–we’ll even forgive you for loving the corn bread. (We did.) And we hope you will stop into one of the great stores in the New York area that stocks our bread and pick some up. And if that is not convenient, order some right now on this website.